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Funeral Hearses and Cars

Traditional or Personal and Unique

A wide range of vehicles to reflect the level of formality or personality of your loved one

Make your loved one's final journey a memorable one

Providing the right funeral vehicles for you and your loved one on the day of the funeral is so important. Here at Kerr Family Funerals we have access to a wide range of appropriate funeral vehicles.  Whether that be the traditional Black Hearse and Family Limousines, or something more personal and unique such as a Volkswagen Camper, a Landrover Defender or Flatbed Truck, we are able to supply a broad range of vehicles.

Working in partnership with our specialised Carriagemaster we can discuss with you your particular requirements and source those vehicles for the day of the funeral.  Vehicles don’t have to just be black, there are a number of funeral fleets available in silver, and a range of hearses in other colours too.

If there is a particular marque of vehicle (such as Mercedes, Jaguar etc) that was of significance to the family please let us know and we will seek to source that for you.

We partner with Regency Horse and Carriage Masters to provide a range of options when it comes to horse drawn carriages for the funeral of your loved one.  From colourful plumes to matching drapes we can help to personalise all our the arrangements.

Working together we can make the funeral personal and unique in so many ways, with the choice of vehicle being just one of them.  We can also work with you on a route if there is a special place that you would like to pass.

Whatever you have in mind, please contact us on 07730 580 381 or email us at and we will do whatever we can to help.

VW camper van hearse for funerals in Hemel Hempstead Hertfordshire and north London
Mercedes hearse and funeral cars for funerals in Hemel Hempstead Hertfordshire and north London
Mercedes funeral car for funerals in Hemel Hempstead Hertfordshire and north London