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A compassionate and respectful way to say goodbye

Create a fitting tribute to those who have passed away

Choosing a Cremation service for your loved one comes with lots of choices.  Kerr Family Funerals works with all local crematoriums to ensure that we deliver the best service to you.  We will obtain the necessary paperwork that needs to be completed and ensure its timely submission. We can also advise on the various options available to the family when it comes to dealing with the cremated remains, and most crematoriums also offer a range of memorial products as well.

We can give information and details on service timings, facilities available at the site in terms of audio-visual services, parking, accessibility and location.

We can arrange a service at any crematorium in the country and have a vast range of contacts.  We can also arrange to provide bearers and also the services of a local Celebrant if the crematorium is some distance away.

Hemel Hempstead is surrounded by stunning natural beauty, and its crematoriums are no exception. Crematoriums local to Hemel Hempstead include:

West Herts Crematorium: Located in Garston, Watford, this crematorium is known for its serene gardens and tranquil surroundings. Families can choose from various settings for their ceremonies, including a picturesque chapel and beautiful gardens for scattering ashes.

Hemel Hempstead Crematorium: Located on the outskirts of Hemel Hempstead, this newly opened crematorium is in a beautiful setting with extensive landscaping, creating an atmosphere of calm and tranquillity.

Chilterns Crematorium: Situated in Amersham, just a short drive from Hemel Hempstead, Chilterns Crematorium offers a peaceful and scenic setting for cremation services. The stunning landscape and attentive staff provide a comforting atmosphere for families.

There are also two Crematoriums located in Aylesbury, and various locations in North London.

Cremated Remains

There are a number of options available to families.

Ashes can be scattered in a garden of remembrance, on a family grave or in a place with sentimental significance.

Ashes can be interred, kept in a casket or urn at home, or portions can be made into commemorative jewellery.

Please talk to a member of our team for help or advice. Kerr Family Funerals in Hemel Hempstead can assist in planning and organising the cremation ceremony. We can help families choose the appropriate service format, music, readings, and other elements to create a personalised and meaningful farewell.

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